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  • Video : Asia Pacific Equities Strategy Client Update
  • Asia Pacific - Webcast: Positioning for Reflation
    FSSA Investment Managers Asia Pacific webcast: Positioning for Reflation
  • Asia Pacific - a balanced portfolio is key to navigate uncertainty
    2020 was indeed a very special year. The whole world was in a recession, due to the pandemic and strict lockdown measures imposed by governments all over the world. Yet, at the same time, all asset classes, including equities, had a very good year in terms of returns.
  • Asia Pacific
    Learn more about investing in Asia Pacific equities with FSSAIM today. Our APAC investment funds are invested for sustainable, long term growth.
  • The evolution of Chinese & Asian markets – recent developments and implications for investors
    With over 20 years managing money in China I have seen significant changes both in the corporate and investment environment. One of the biggest shifts that has occurred is the fact that China is not short of investment capital.
  • End of Year review - Alistair Thompson
    Alistair Thompson, Director at FSSA Investment Managers, heads up the FSSA Asia Pacific strategies and looks back on 2021 in the video below.
  • End of Year review - Richard Jones
    Richard Jones, Director at FSSA Investment Managers, heads up the FSSA Asia-Pacific strategies and looks back on 2021 in the video below.
  • Positioning for resilience in volatile times
    FSSA Investment Managers has been investing in Asia and global emerging markets for three decades. We are conservative investors, and resilience during market sell-offs has underpinned our long-term performance.
  • Asian Growth January 2021
    In our last client update, written through the depths of Covid-despair, we observed that real life and the world of markets are seldom so intimately entwined. With markets swinging violently to the downside on a riptide of fear, it was clear even then that activity was being driven by short-term anxiety rather than a real evaluation of Asia’s longer-term value-accretion prospects.
  • Asian Growth - Client Update June 2021
    Though Covid hasn’t yet finished with us, the markets have finished with Covid. In real life, there is still plenty of misery to go around, but things have seldom been better for investors. Optimism has served us well, as the money printing presses have rolled to counter the “unprecedented” threat.
  • Tapping into the rise of the Asian consumer
    As Asian countries become richer, they have been transitioning towards consumption-based economies, translating higher per capita income into increased spending across goods and services.
  • Asian Growth Update – May 2022
    Many people seem to think that money management is about predicting the future. But even with the gift of perfect foresight, the subsequent market reaction to news is often far from obvious.
  • Asian Growth - Manager Views
    In boom times like today, when cash costs nothing and capitalisation rates are zero, everybody is focused on growth and the future. Revenue is vanity in the sense that entrepreneurs, thank goodness, dare to dream and build businesses. We too, spend much of our time looking for the next opportunity and indeed thinking about how much businesses can grow.
  • How should investors position themselves during periods of market volatility?
    Fund Manager Q&A
  • Riding out the turbulence with our North Star
    As the world continues to lurch from Covid-surges to reflexive and localised lock-downs, everybody is now looking through to a mythical status quo ante bellum – the before-Covid-times, when the world was just hunky-dory.
  • Investing in uncertain times – what experience has taught us
    Every downturn is different – the Global Financial Crisis and the Asian Financial Crisis were primarily debt-related, while SARS and Covid are obviously health-related, with a knock-on effect on growth and consumption.
  • Road to Recovery: 2021 and Beyond
    FSSA India webcast focus on the India Subcontinent Markets and Asia Pacific equities
  • India - Webcast: Road to Recovery: 2021 and Beyond
    FSSA India webcast focus on the India Subcontinent Markets and Asia Pacific equities
  • About us
    Operating as an autonomous investment team within First Sentier Investors group, we are a team of dedicated investment professionals based in Hong Kong and Singapore.