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  • India - Webcast: Road to Recovery: 2021 and Beyond
    FSSA India webcast focus on the India Subcontinent Markets and Asia Pacific equities
  • The India "exposure"
    “We already have (exposure) to India via our Asia and Regional strategies.” We often hear this comment from prospective clients who are considering an investment in the FSSA Indian Subcontinent strategy, but are not yet convinced that a dedicated allocation would indeed be worth it. Call us biased, but we have been arguing in favour of a standalone investment in India for many years.
  • Road to Recovery: 2021 and Beyond
    FSSA India webcast focus on the India Subcontinent Markets and Asia Pacific equities
  • India - Monthly Manager Views - July 2021
    Year to date, 34 companies have listed on the Indian exchanges raising a total of USD7.2 billion1, a figure which has been surpassed in India only twice before in the last 12 years on an annual basis. In our Monthly Manager Views in April 2021, we spoke about the initial public offering (IPO) rush that we had begun seeing in India early this year.
  • India Monthly Manager Views January 2022
    Land, Labour, Capital and Entrepreneurship. These are the well-known “Factors of Production” as defined by classical economists. The Entrepreneur (or Company) is the one that combines these factors to earn a profit.
  • India - Monthly Manager Views - April 2021
    In the first three months of this year, 17 new companies have listed on the mainboard exchanges in India, more than in all of 2019 or 2020*. High levels of retail investor participation and continuing inflows for domestic mutual funds have meant that these new issuances have been lapped up by eager investors.
  • India - Monthly Manager Views - May 2021
    We had entered the meeting with a leading air-conditioner company in our portfolio worried about the risks to its growth and profitability, as the second wave of Covid-19 affected consumer demand and raw material costs rose sharply.
  • India - Monthly Manager Views - August 2021
    As with global automotive manufacturers, several Indian automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) including Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M), Tata Motors and Eicher Motors have recently announced that the shortage of semiconductor supply has impacted their production schedules.
  • India - Monthly Manager Views - March 2021
    Every company we speak to these days tells us about the cost pressure that they are facing, emanating from rising global commodity prices. Domestic steel prices have risen by 35% y/y, copper by over 50% y/y and palm oil by over 60% y/y through February 2021. Indian corporates are being forced to reckon with sharp increases in input costs for the first time in almost a decade.
  • India - Monthly Manager Views - June 2021
    At a team discussion last month to track management and board changes across our investment universe, a notification on the stock exchanges piqued our interest. Mr Aditya Puri, who had only recently retired as the CEO of HDFC Bank, had joined the board of a small, unlisted pharmaceutical company, Stelis Biopharma.
  • Solara eclipse
    In our team, mistakes are teachable moments to be shared and learnt from. Thankfully, for us and our clients, in our history of investing in India we have managed to avoid the big ones.
  • Webcast: India – Economic resurgence amidst the turbulence
    How will India’s economy evolve over the coming decades? Over the past decade, India has had its fair share of crises and reforms. Despite all that, India’s structural growth story remains unchanged, and it is now the fifth largest economy in the world.
  • Travelling, rather than arriving, with companies in India
    Sree Agarwal and Shivika Srimal, investment analysts at FSSA Investment Managers, believe there are a number of reasons to be positive on India in the long run, and shared their rationale at the FSSA Forum 2023.
  • FSSAIM - India Monthly Manager Views - as at February 2022
    We have just returned from India – the first investment research trip in India for our entire team in over two years. It was a liberating break from constantly hearing “You’re on mute!” on video calls whilst simultaneously being forced to appreciate your kids’ music lessons in the adjoining room.
  • Is India still an attractive investment destination?
    Corporate India’s resilience has been severely tested over the past decade. Since 2010, there has been a long, drawn-out downturn, caused by a series of corruption and scams, a banking and financial crisis, and now a devastating health pandemic.
  • India Monthly Manager Views
    We have written about the spate of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in India and our reasons for staying away from them, for the most part. This time, we want to talk about why new listings are important to keep the market vibrant and to keep the entrepreneurial spirit in the country alive.
  • Quality at any price?
    Last year, we wrote about the bubble we were witnessing in the initial public offerings (IPOs) in India. Now, we see a different type of bubble forming – in these cases, the business is often a proven one, with a strong track record and high return profiles.
  • Reflections on the past ten years of managing Indian equities
    Ten years ago last month, I assumed lead management responsibilities for the FSSA Indian Subcontinent strategy. How time has flown!
  • India - Monthly Manager Views - September 2021
    As the saying goes, “There are two kinds of forecasters: those who don't know, and those who don't know they don't know.” Recently, we have seen hordes of the latter kind, garbed as analysts, Unicorn founders, freshly-minted CEOs and so-called “experts”, as they engage in modern-day snake oil salesmanship, which is what seems to pass for Fundamental Equity Research these days.
  • India Monthly Manager Views December 2021
    50x P/E! 70x P/E! 100x P/E! Valuations that were outrageous just a few years ago are commonly bandied about by most of the investment community these days. But, ask any respected business owner and they would shake their head in disbelief.
  • India - Monthly Manager Views - October 2021
    Our investment philosophy is to back owners and managers with whom we feel strongly aligned. These owners typically have track records of treating all stakeholders fairly, in both good and bad times.
  • India Client Update - February 2023
  • India’s economic resurgence amidst the turbulence
    Over the last few years, we have been selling many companies which have become expensive. On the other hand, there are still companies that are attractively valued with robust growth ahead.
  • India: Backing good people running good businesses is the key
    From our discussions with companies in the FSSA Indian Subcontinent equity strategy, it is clear that they are well-positioned to deal with the impact of the second wave of the virus on their businesses.
  • Video - Travelling, rather than arriving, with companies in India
    There have been many disruptions in India over the past decade, with frequent regulatory reforms and a costly Covid-19 experience. However, the positive effects of the reforms are now being seen, with market leaders across sectors gaining rapidly from the formalisation of the economy.
  • Fear of missing out
    That would perhaps be an accurate description of what drove some of my portfolio decisions as a young fund manager, roughly 15 years ago during the global financial crisis (GFC) meltdown.
  • Mahindra & Mahindra: A rejuvenation in progress
    After a recent meeting in Mumbai with the top management of Mahindra & Mahindra we came back with a clear message – M&M’s commitment to its purpose does not mean that it will continue to operate loss-making businesses.
  • Indian Subcontinent
    Learn more about investing in Indian equities with FSSAIM today. Our India investment fund strategies aim to achieve sustainable, long term growth.
  • Rising incomes and under-penetrated categories in India
    As disposable incomes have grown, we find that Indian consumers are now moving up the ladder to buy more premium products, or buying discretionary products they could not previously afford.
  • Positioning for resilience in volatile times
    FSSA Investment Managers has been investing in Asia and global emerging markets for three decades. We are conservative investors, and resilience during market sell-offs has underpinned our long-term performance.
  • How should investors position themselves during periods of market volatility?
    Fund Manager Q&A