Green shoots appearing but challenges remain

In this China update for mid-2022, we discuss some recent topics of interest as highlighted by our clients.

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Albert Einstein famously said, “Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.” This holds true in many situations, but we think it is especially true when it comes to risk management.
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FSSA Investment Managers has been investing in Asia and global emerging markets for three decades. We are conservative investors, and resilience during market sell-offs has underpinned our long-term performance.
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Over the past few years, global emerging market (GEM) investors have dealt with a series of challenges, including a surging pandemic, local lockdowns and widespread travel restrictions. Now, an escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine has raised fears that this could spill over into Europe and beyond.
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In almost every meeting that we have with management teams, we will ask about incentivisation. In our view, it is an important question and the answer can be highly revealing about an organisation’s culture and behaviour.
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Rasmus Nemmoe, Portfolio Manager at FSSA Investment Managers manages the FSSA Global Emerging Markets strategies and looks back on 2021 in the video below.
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Since our last update, global markets have not been short of action and the manic behaviour characterising today’s markets has taken investors on another rollercoaster ride.
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