Video - Travelling, rather than arriving, with companies in India

Watch the presentation from the FSSA Forum in London, October 2023.

FSSA Forum London - India presentation

What we find even more attractive is that the majority of these companies are still mid and small-sized, despite being dominant market leaders.

- Sree Agarwal

There have been many disruptions in India over the past decade, with frequent regulatory reforms and a costly Covid-19 experience. However, the positive effects of the reforms are now being seen, with market leaders across sectors gaining rapidly from the formalisation of the economy.

As one of the world’s oldest equity markets, India has many attractive businesses with high governance standards. We believe there are a number of large companies of the future, currently hiding in small market capitalisations.

At the FSSA Forum in London, October 2023, Sree Agarwal and Shivika Srimal illustrate FSSA’s investment approach with a series of examples, including how we engage with companies over the long term to assess the markers of quality.